$1,208,307.05 In 3 Months With Facebook Ads & What It Actually Takes...

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

In this article let me explain you how we generated $1,208,307.05 in 3 months with Facebook ads & what it actually takes…

I have broken this post down into 3 main actionable steps to save you the trial and error we faced when scaling this project…

I want to be transparent with you and let you know that the #1 One Thing you need to get these types of results is to sell a product/service that solves a real problem.

Alright, Let's jump right in....

#1. Psychology

Before we start running the ads we need a solid foundation to build off.

We need to understand who is going to buy this, what they are thinking, the problem they are looking to solve, and the language they use.

Here are some tools to achieve this:

Buyer Persona

• Demographics

• Psychographics

• Values

• Pain Points

Stages Of Awareness

• Identify market segment

Buyer's Journey

• Thoughts and info needed to make a purchasing decision.

Funnel Hack

• Competition Angels

• Pricing

• Document competitive advantages and disadvantages.

• Look for 1 Start reviews (Gold Mine)

Objection Hack

• Why would someone not buy this product?

• Make sure to address these in your copy.

#2. Creative

When it comes to creative you need to keep it simple.


AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action


User-Generated Content - A real customer using your product to solve a real problem.

#3. Campaign Structure

Stage #1

CBO > 5 Cold Intrest Audiences > 5 Angles

• $500 A Day

• Dynamic Creative

• 3 Images, 2 Videos

Retargeting CBO> 3 Warm Audiences > 3 Angles

• $250 A Day

• Both Images and Videos

• Angels: Discount, Testimonial, And Free Bonus

• Retarget VC, ATC, IC

If Profitable leave on until you get 100 sales and then start stage #2.

If not profitable, test new audiences and new angles during stage #1.

Stage #2

CBO> 5 LAL Audiences > Winning Angeles

• $100 A Day

• Dynamic Creative

• Winning Videos/Images

To scale, increase budget 15 - 30% every 24 hours to avoid resetting the learning phase.

Audiences to try:

• LAL 1 - 10%

• Top 25% On-Site

• LTV LAL 1 - 10%

Bonus tip: Track everything, CPAs, CPC, Creative, Conversion test, etc. If you don’t track it… it won’t grow!

Granted, I have simplified some things here to keep the post on point for you. If you have any questions or if something has resonated with you I would be more than happy to answer any question you may have!

To your health and wealth,


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